Buwi Bradl Stadion

The jumping stadion is namend in honor of Sepp (Buwi) Bradl the most famous ski jumper in the history of the skiclub Bischofshofen. In memoriam of Buwi threre is constructed a Buwi-Bradl Denkmal at the right side of the hill.

HS 142 m Paul Außerleitner Hill

The large hill is named in honor of Paul Außerleitner an skijumper of the skiclub Bischofshofen who died on January 9, 1952 after an tragic accident in the trial of the 4-hills tournament.

Annotation due to the fact of wrong statements concerning the hill record in Bischofshofen:

According to the rules of the FIS hill records at FIS homologated hills are considered as valid if the record is realized in a world cup competition or in the appropriate qualification. However in the qualification the record is just valid if it is realized from the lowest gate in this round. Due to the fact that the inrun after the 145m jump of Gregor Schlierenzauer has been shortened it is according to the rules of the FIS not possible to acclaim this jump as valid FIS hill record.

Official FIS-hillrecord: 145m, January 5, 2019 Dawid Kubacki, 4-hills tournament - qaulification

Hillrecord on plastic: 143,5m, October 19, 2008, Martin Koch (AUT), Austrian national championships

hill certificate HS 142

HS 78 m Laideregg Hill


FIS-hillrecord: 75,0m, August 17, 2008, COC-L, Izumi Yamada (JPN)

National hillrecord: 77,0m, October 23, 2011, Salzburger Landesmeisterschaft, Stefan Kraft, SC Schwarzach


hill certificate HS78

HS 20 m Children Hill

Hillrecord: 21m, Peter Wiesinger, UVB Hinzenbach, 20.06.1999, Kindermattenschanzentournee

hill certificate HS20

Training service

In order to apply for the training please contact hill keeper of the SC Bischofshofen:

mr. Adi Wagner: +43 (0)664-2128559


Prices for plastic- and snowtraining

1st unit

09:00 - 12:00

2nd unit

13:00 - 16:30

HS 140   

12 € / unit

HS 78

10 € / unit

HS 20

  3 € / unit


The  HS 78 and the HS 20 are provided with stainless steel-tracks. The HS 140 is provided with a plastic track with ceramicburlings. The use of alpine skis is forbidden.

It is just the use of commercially available wax permitted. In the case of nonobservance of this demand the skiclub Bischofshofen reserves its right to articulate a jumping-ban and to bill possible costs for track-cleaning.